Cowboy Coffee Chew & Major League Coffee Dip are products developed exclusively by and for CoffeeHaven LLC.  CoffeeHaven LLC is based out of Sparta, WI where we handle the marketing and advertising of our products, which are sold under this website

Our coffee chew is commercially manufactured in Southern Wisconsin, where we work closely with an expert coffee roaster, who purchases raw green coffee beans, then roasts & grinds them to our specifications.

​The product has been tested by the state of Wisconsin and is 100% SAFE for consumption. It's GREAT tasting COFFEE, made to have a excellent pack and offers a bold boost of CAFFEINE, all in a tin can to GO!  It's a "cup in a pinch".

We are selling these tins currently on Amazon,  Ebay and at our Company Store Website


We will ship anywhere in the world with added shipping charges.

​We are used in rodeos by cowboys and cowgirls throughout the country, along with several semi-professional & professional Major League Baseball players and teams.

​This non-tobacco alternative to chewing or dipping smokeless tobacco HELPS you get through those hard quitting times or when your lip just needs a break from dip.
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This product has been commercially manufactured and sealed and has been tested and verified for consumption. Each tin contains 39 grams or 1.4 oz of chew and is made in the USA!  Ingredients are Freshly Ground Coffee, Honey, Sugar and Cream.

Not recommended to individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or coffee.

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